The IDAS System bridges the gap

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digital handheld transceiver

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  • 19-inch rack mount design, 2U height low profile design
  • 12-digit dot-matrix display and 32 memory channels
  • Multiple CTCSS, DTCS tone and digital RAN code decode
  • Normal and priority scan setting
  • 50W output power at 50% duty operation, 25W at 100% duty operation
  • Two RF modules can be installed in a unit for a "2Ch in 1box configuration"
    (Optional UR-FR5000/UR-FR6000 required)
  • 5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder (For analog FM mode)
  • Accessory connector (D-sub 25-pin) for connecting analog trunking
  • controllers or other external devices
  • Audio compander (For analog mode)
  • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler and optional UT-109R/ UT-110R for higher security (For analog FM mode)
  • CW ID transmitter
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hm-170gp hs-95 hs-95 hs-95

UR-FR5000 (VHF) /
UR-FR6000 (UHF)

Channel module units

Two RF units can be installed in the unit.

(Left side is an option.)


Hand microphone


Desktop microphone


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