The IDAS System bridges the gap

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Secure communication

When secure communication is required, the IDAS system provides a digital voice scrambler using a 15-bit key (about 32,000 keys) for encryption as standard. This is added security to the digital modulation/demodulation.

Selective call, group call and talk group ID

The IDAS system allows you to call individual or group users. The radio automatically sends its own ID number when holding the PTT button. The IDAS radio memorizes up to 500 of both individual/group ID numbers and alias names in the table. The alias name or individual/group ID is displayed on the LCD while receiving a message allowing you to identify who is calling.

Emergency call functions

When the emergency button is pushed, the emergency signal will be automatically sent to the dispatcher or another radio. The man down*2 and the lone worker functions are available for automated emergency calls. (in digital and analog modes) The remote radio monitor function allows the dispatcher to turn on the PTT button from a remote location and transmit anything the microphone hears for a preprogrammed time period.

*2 Optional UT-124R required.

Status message

You can set up to 100 conditions such as "on duty", "at lunch" or "in route" and send your status to another unit or the dispatch. Also, you can request another unit to send their status and receive it.

GPS position reporting

When used with the GPS speaker microphone, HM-170GP for the handheld radio or an external GPS receiver for the mobile radio, the IDAS radio can send the current position information to another unit or the dispatch. Simultaneous status message and GPS data can also be sent. When connected to a PC installed with a mapping software application, the dispatcher will know the real-time activity of the fleet members.

Data communication

The IDAS radio allows you 4800bps*3 data communication. You can send a data message without an external data modem. Future third party data applications will provide further features.

*3 Error correction, control data, etc, will reduce number of bits available for actual data communication.

Radio stun, kill and revive

The RAN code is the digital equivalent of CTCSS for accessing an IDAS repeater or digital code squelch function.

Other features

・Radio check function allows you to verify if another radio is within the communication range
・Call log displays the received call history
・Call alert function allows you to send a beep sound instead of a voice call.