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IC-FR3000 / FR4000 VHF/UHF repeater
50W continuous duty repeaters available in VHF, UHF low, and UHF high
Icom 50W output power, continuous duty
Icom Built-in AC power supply
Icom Internal space for duplexer and isolator
Automatic battery back-up (13.6V DC) system
Icom Built-in multiple encode/decode for 5-tone/2-tone/DTMF signaling
Icom Telephone interconnect capability
Icom 32 memory channels with built-in
CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder
  • 16 tones per channel for shared channel / community repeater operation

Options include:

  • Wall mount bracket (MB-77)
  • 19-inch rack mount bracket (MB-78)
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