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IC-R1500 Wideband mobile receiver with remote control head
Ultra wideband coverage in a remote control head receiver

Ultra wideband frequency coverage

  • AM, FM, WFM: 0.010 – 3299.9999MHz
  • USB, LSB, CW: 0.01 – 1300MHz only
Icom Remote control head
Icom 1000 on-board memory channels
High speed scan rate, 60Ch/second
Icom Voice squelch control ignores unmodulated signals
Icom Noise blanker eliminates pulse-type noises
(SSB, CW, AM modes only)
Icom RF Attenuator - Attenuates 20dB
(approx below 1300MHz only)
Icom AFC function follows drifting frequency in FM mode
Icom Auto power-off timer, 30 to 120 minutes
Icom All IC-PCR1500 functions available when connected to a PC

Cloning function allows IC-PCR1500 data to be transferred to/from IC-R1500 (Compatible PC required)

Icom Use the optional DSP unit UT-106 to improve reception of weak signals
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